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Credit Card Debt Closure Loan and Structuring Terms 2022
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Credit Card Debt Closure Loan and Structuring Terms 2022

16 Ağustos 2022 23:39
Credit Card Debt Closure Loan and Structuring Terms 2022



The credit card debt configuration process was a news that many citizens were waiting for with excitement. Especially citizens who have difficulty paying their accumulated debts have been waiting for such news for a long time. For this reason, participation in the campaign was quite intense and was received very positively.

Now, in this article, we will tell you item by item in the form of questions and answers about what this configuration process, which is very important for those with credit card debt, covers.

In general, all banks work on almost the same principle, and we will explain to you how Halk Bank’s credit card configuration becomes the articles.

First of all, let’s start with the answer to this question, which debts are covered by the loan. January 31, 2018, among the debts of those who have credit card debts at the bank where they are and other banks, the credit card debts are included in the credit card debt Deconstruction package by Halk Bank. In order for you to benefit from this support package, you must have a personal credit card at Halk Bank.

Credit Card Debt Closure Loan and Structuring Terms 2022

Credit Card Debt Closure Loan and Structuring Terms 2022

Closing Credit Card Debt

Thanks to the configuration package, those who are personal credit card customers of the bank are not only structuring their credit card debts at halk bank. In addition, Halk Bank provides support services for them in configuring other bank credit cards.

Citizens who want to make a credit card debt configuration have the right to apply as of January 22 to configure their debts. No deadline has been set for the campaign yet.

Citizens who apply for structuring a loan debt will be allocated a fee at the rate of 0.5% (5 per thousand) for a Public Support Loan. In addition, citizens who agree to take out life insurance will be able to benefit from credit card debt structuring support.

Normally, no October documents are required for those who receive their salaries through Halkbank. However, if the bank customer receives his salary from another bank, a certificate of income is requested from them.

We would like to talk about a situation that will upset some of our citizens who want to configure debt here. If you have credit debts that have fallen into legal follow-up status at Halk Bank or other banks, the debts in this situation are excluded from the structuring process.

The answer to the question of whether retirees, which is the question that many of our retired citizens are wondering, can benefit from this configuration package is yes, retirees benefit from this campaign. Of course, you also need to be a personal credit card customer of Halk Bank here again.

Those who can benefit from another credit card debt structuring support, your credit card debt balance at the bank and other banks as of January 31, 2018 can benefit from this support.

People’s Support Loan for those who are personal loan customers has been arranged to be used for customers who have accumulated a lot of debt and have difficulty paying. At this point, customers are going on the path of installment payments in such a way that they can pay their debts after the structuring process.

Credit Card Application

In this way, those who want to take out a loan will be able to take out a loan with interest rates of 1.10% for up to 24 months and 1.20% for up to 60 months.

The configuration of credit cards, which are also paid in installments, is made possible by providing payment options according to the individual. If you want to adapt to these pay options and pay the most appropriate pay options, then you can configure your card and start paying your debts in this way.

You can be sure that the most convenient and ideal payments for you will become more possible with the configuration of a credit card. If you have a desire and purpose to pay in the most ideal style, in the most appropriate way, then you can configure your card immediately.

Thus, you can pay off these debts in the shortest possible time by getting up from paying difficult and difficult debts, and you can easily ensure that your problems are resolved. If you have a request or idea in this style, then you can take action immediately and pay off your debts as soon as possible and ensure that the problems are resolved.

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